Announcing the New York City International Paranormal Film Festival

The inaugural edition of this documentary film festival will take place June 6th - 8th 2019 in Midtown Manhattan

Films on all subjects of the strange, ranging from government space program conspiracies to haunted hotels.

Founded by rock musician & radio host Samantha Scarlette with club promoter Jason Chaos.


Samantha Scarlette

Introducing the first ever New York City International Paranormal Film Festival! The NYCIPFF will take place June 6th, 7th and 8th at the Producers Club in Midtown Manhattan.

The NYCIPFF was created by rock singer & paranormal radio host Samantha Scarlette in conjunction with musician & club promoter Jason Chaos. The two came up with the idea for the film festival as a solution to the fact that New York City doesn’t host any major paranormal conventions. They hope to expand the film festival into a full scale paranormal convention in the coming years.

The NYCIPFF will feature some of the best paranormal themed documentaries out right now. The current official selections for 2019 are:
- Jeremy Corbell’s “The Hunt For Skinwalker”. The documentary is based off of George Knapp & Dr Colm Kelleher’s book on the famed Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, at which the DIA has conducted studies on all the supernatural events that have been reported on the property… Events that range from UFO sightings, to animal mutilations, to poltergeist phenomena and more.
- Frank Jacob’s “Packing For Mars”. The documentary focuses on the alleged US government sanctioned mars colonies, and features such pivotal figures in the paranormal and UFO disclosure such as George Noory, Linda Moulton Howe, David Wilcock, Andrew Basiago, Laura Eisenhower, Kerry Cassidy and Dr Michael Salla.
- Small Town Monsters’ “Terror In the Skies”. This documentary chronicles the recent sightings of an unknown creature in the Chicago area that is similar in appearance to that of famed Point Pleasant, West Virginia “Mothman”.
- Jason Figgis’ “The Haunting Of M.R. James”. A documentary on English author M.R. James’, who was credited as being the father of the modern ghost story, personal experiences with the paranormal.
- Don Phillips “The Haunting At Brookdale Lodge”. This documentary chronicles an investigation into the haunting at the notoriously haunted Brookdale Lodge in California.

In keeping with the spooky nature of the films, the screenings will start at 10pm each night.

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