Cakes Da Killa, star of Netflix's 'Rhythm + Flow', delivers his first "full-on house" releases

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The Brooklyn rapper and star of Netflix’s ‘Rhythm + Flow’ delivers his first “full-on house” releases


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Label: Classic Music Company
Format(s): Download / Streaming
Release date: Don Dada: 9th October MUVALAND: 13th November 2020

Rapper Cakes Da Killa makes his anticipated solo debut on Classic Music Company with ‘Don Dada’, after featuring on label darling Honey Dijon’s ‘Catch The Beat’ in 2017. The single, which was made in collaboration with NYC producer Proper Villains, will be the first release on Classic for the rapper ahead of his MUVALAND EP due to drop later this year. A leading figure of the queer hip-hop explosion that has taken place over the last decade, his witty flow and unapologetic delivery helped push the acceptance of openly gay artists in hip-hop, his unique persona quickly cementing him as one of the most dynamic lyricists to hit the airwaves.

Delivering the demo for the MUVALAND EP into Honey Dijon’s inbox earlier this year, the record immediately pricked the ears of Classic boss and A&R Luke Solomon, feeling a natural fit for the label’s eclectic catalogue of forward-thinking dance music. Now Cakes’ collaboration with NYC producer Proper Villains ‘Don Dada’ gets a full release on the imprint ahead of the EP, a strutting merge of hip-hop and house where Cakes’ effortless flow and playful lyricism shine brighter than ever.

“Going with Classic was a no brainer. I've always dabbled with elements of house in my music, as both a fan and student of the genre, so when I decided to put out a full-on house EP I knew it had to be done right. The MUVALAND EP came about during the first weeks of quarantine. There was so much bullshit going on in the world and Proper Villains was sitting on these beats that took me to a place I needed to go to.” – Cakes Da Killa

“I've been trying to get Cakes to spit over a four to the floor instrumental for... forever. When the quarantine hit, we were both looking for a cool project. He came over and we went through about 100 of my instrumentals ... ‘Don Dada’ was the last thing I played him, it wasn't even a full song, just a 30-second loop I had made the night before as a goof. There's a sound a rapper makes when he hears a beat he likes and Cakes' is sort of like a kid opening a present on Christmas day, ‘Oooh.’ When I hear the ‘Oooh,’ I knew we were in business.” - Proper Villains

It seems only fitting Luke Solomon and Honey Dijon would remix the new single, bringing in a tougher beat and the harder, club-focused style of their co-productions, elevated with the warmth and immediacy of Cakes’ narration. The combination of Proper Villains’ impeccable production with Cakes’ flawless vocal delivery makes ‘Don Dada’ a triumphant label debut on an imprint leading the way in the hip-house revival.

“‘Don Dada’ is a record that started out all about myself. I wanted something very cocky over a big beat in the same vein as some of my favourite hip-hop records, Black Box ‘Strike it Up’ is one example. I haven’t dropped record in a while so I needed to come back swinging but also I wanted to bring the club wises to everyone who was quarantining. After linking with Proper Villains ‘Don Dada’ was born and then grew into the MUVALAND EP.” – Cakes Da Killa

Working with dayday, a queer black multidisciplinary artist and fellow Brooklynite, Cakes will also release an accompanying music video to ‘Don Dada’ with the single. Following a model called Bidi as she heads to a photoshoot, Cakes plays an eccentric photographer during their curious exchange. “The video is about showcasing Bidi, and all black women as the powerhouses they are,” Cakes explains.

‘Don Dada’ will be released on Classic Music Company on 9 October, with MUVALAND EP following on 13 November.


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