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Selena Gomez opens up about her 'biggest hair mistake'

'Good For You' songstress Selena Gomez recently became the new face of haircare company Pantene and she has now opened up about her biggest hair mistake. 

Speaking to ET Online, the beauty revealed that when she first started styling her own hair she didn't realise she needed to pay attention to how it looked at the back:

"My biggest hair mistake is when I was younger and I was figuring out how to use a flat-iron. I used to think that just because visually I could see that this hair was straight that the back didn't necessarily have to be straight, so for the entire 6th grade I only straightened the front of my hair. That wasn't really my proudest moment!"

Gomez added: "My favourite hair accessory is a scrunchie. I know it's kind of old school but it's really cute when you put your hair up and you let a few pieces come down. It's nice."

She also spoke about growing up in close living quarters with the other women in her family and confessed that they would often share beauty products and tips: "I actually grew up with my grandmother and my mom and we were all in the same house with one bathroom. When I grew up we had the kind of situation where we were very close when it came to beauty products or even just spending time together."

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