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Selena Gomez on dating: 'I would never go on Tinder as it scares me'

'Good For You' sensation Selena Gomez has opened up about dating and revealed that she would never try something like Tinder because it really intimidates her and much prefers to meet people in other ways. 

In a new interview with Flare magazine, the beauty explained that the thought of online dating terrifies her and she is perfectly content at the moment with being single and enjoying her own company

"I would never go on Tinder! I think it would scare me. I go on dates. It's not that difficult--I'm a nice young lady [laughs]--but that's not my focus. I'm really stoked about being with myself right now."

She went onto add that dealing with her very public split from Justin Bieber was tough and took a great toll on her so she's glad to just be in a content place now: "I've felt so much in the past two years, from being super in love and then dealing with things to getting older and all these beautiful experiences that were complicated and exciting."

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