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Selena Gomez admits she's surprised about her own vocal abilities

Selena Gomez has been reflecting on the success of her hit single ‘Good For You’.

Speaking to Billboard about her No. 1 pop smash, Gomez revealed that she was relieved when she realised that she picked the right song to re-launch her sound:

“That moment of not knowing if it was the right choice and then having it be the right choice was such a relief.”

The A$AP Rocky-featuring track also gave Selena the chance to show off a new side of her voice as the intimate vocals called for her to explore the lower range of her register.

Surprised by her own abilities when recording ‘Good For You’, Gomez told Billboard: “I didn’t realise my voice could do that!”

The ‘Revival’ star recently admitted that the positive reception ‘Good For You’ received felt like it gave her validation as an artist.

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