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Selena Gomez praises reality of broken families in 'Monte Carlo'

Selena Gomez is hot on the promotional trail for her new movie, 'Monte Carlo', but admits she is particularly proud of this film as it touches on the reality of broken homes.

Despite being only 18-years-old, the singer, actress and designer has enjoyed immeasurable success, but she revealed to PopEater than her childhood wasn't easy as her parents divorced when she was just 5:

"I just think it's really common nowadays, that you grow up in a single-parent household. I grew up like that, and I was fine. My dad was still in my life, so it was good."

"I love that there's that message in the movie. Being able to be married into a family, which is so common, and having people you don't know like stepsisters and stepbrothers, and getting past the awkward stage. I think it was nice that we touched on that."

Watch the trailer for 'Monte Carlo' below: