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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber immortalised nude and in bronze

Selena Gomez and her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, have been immortalised not only in bronze, but perhaps more surprisingly in their birthday suits. 

The teenage pair have found themselves the subject matter of sculptor Daniel Edwards's latest project. The artist has created a lifelike sculpture of them stood together with a only a Canadian maple leaf protecting Bieber's modesty and a star covering Gomez's

Edwards thinks a lot of the work as he revealed it should "be considered for installation at Canadian embassies around the globe as a symbol of Canada's prowess in the areas of art and commerce". 

He also added that Canada would probably be the couple's country of choice if they had to pick: "I believe Justin and Selena would ultimately choose Canada for their Garden of Eden, because Canada's Medicare and AAA credit rating make it easier for young couples who may find themselves in the family way."

The artist's spokesman, Cory Allen, gave some context on the piece and explained, "'Justin and Selena joined together symbolises the great harmony between neighbouring countries Canada and the United States."

Watch Edwards talk about his unusual sculpture of Prince Harry here: