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Selena Gomez not looking to shed her good girl image

Actress-and-singer Selena Gomez insists she isn't trying to change her good girl image.

The brunette beauty stars in 'Spring Breakers' alongside James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens.

The R-rated film follows four college girls who descend into a world of sex, drugs and violence to fund their vacation.

Despite taking a different direction with the role, the former Disney star says she isn't looking to switch up her reputation.

Talking to the AP, Gomez insisted: "I don't think it was me getting rid of any sort of image.

She added: "I think I had an incredible four years as part of Disney. It was my family, it was the reason that I got to do everything that I loved. But at the same time, I'm now wanting to do what I really love, which is acting, and becoming somebody else and escaping my reality and putting myself into these kind of movies."

Gomez is hoping to spread her wings as far as her resume is concerned.

She added: "I do specific things in my career that are tailored for a specific audience. Obviously I have a younger generation that looks at me - and I really appreciate that. And I just did an animated movie, so I want to respect that and still do things that will earn me that respect. But I also want to do things that challenge me and put me out of my element."




Watch the trailer for 'Spring Breakers' here: