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Selena Gomez on MTV VMA nomination: 'I don't want to jinx it by discussing how excited I am'

Former Disney starlet Selena Gomez has confessed that she's over the moon at being nominated for a prize at this year's MTV VMAs.

She has been recognised in the 'Best Pop Video' category for her new offering 'Come & Get It' and told MTV News that she was so overwhelmed by the nomination as it's a very new track and video:

"VMA, that's crazy. I mean honestly, not even just because it's my song; I just genuinely think it was a beautiful video. The dancers were amazing, the dance was beautiful, the shots were gorgeous, so I'm super stoked. I'm stoked for Anthony Mandler who directed it too because obviously it was his creation."

Gomez added that she is bad at writing acceptance speeches so will just try and remain casual about the impending ceremony, which is due to take place in Brooklyn on August 25, and doesn't want to "jinx" it by talking too much about her hopes for the evening:

"No, I'm not good at writing speeches down because if I do, then it gets in the way. I'm not even planning on winning yet, so don't jinx me, but I'm really excited, I really am."





Watch her music video for 'Come & Get It' below:


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