The Bald Builders Launch Their Collection Of Children Books


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The Bald Builders have become one of Britain's fastest growing online community with support crossing over globally.

The loveable duo have now launched a collection of educational children stories.

The stories written by one half of The Bald Builders Brad Hanson and beautifully illustrated to the likeness to Brad and his young family by Thomas Cadogan.

Brad's short stories launched on The Bald Builders Social Media sites with the pair also giving away books to a number of nurseries and most recently Chestnut Tree House a children's hospice for Sussex, caring for children and young people with life-limiting illnesses.

The series is available via The Bald Hub Website.


Meet The Family
Brad - The Geezer
Sam - The Jr Geezer
Rhiannon - THE BOSS
Teddy - The Cheeky Eldest Brother
Frank - The Cheeky Youngest
Sage aka Savage - The Youngest Sister
Chardonnay - The Invisible Girl
Debs aka Grotbags - The Nutty Nan
Jenny - Brads Mum aka The 2nd Nutty Nan
Jimmy The Bald Frenchie - Also known As The stud
Tom - The Editor / Cameraman / illustrator / Graphic Designer / Audio engineer
Matt - The Iceland Man
Sue - The Manager Lady
Darryl Riddz - Radio Man
Calvin - The Wannabe Pretty boy

July 10, 2020 6:00am ET by Opaque Artists  

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