LAW MARK - New Track "YOU"


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"You" is best described as a playful and modern house track that incorporates catchy vocal sampling, with unique percussion sound choices, adding a slight industrial feel to the musicality. Creatively, this song nods towards the vices of modern life and adds a light hearted theme towards the darker side of human choices, with temptations that may take some down a risky path. The vocals are symbolic towards a constant presence of something that a person knows they should be staying away from.

Available on all digital platforms released on DeeVu Records


UK progressive house artist and London based DJ, Law Mark draws on his past experiences within a wide variety of musical genres in order to bring a unique sound to the table. Having a past playing in melodic hardcore bands and a background producing instrumentals for rap genres, this producer also lends his ear to the material of underground artists in order to help develop their sound.

Following his first single release in October 2020, Law Marks aims to establish his name within the EDM industry, with his unique style and fresh perspective on musicality.

January 22, 2021 2:35am ET by Opaque Artists  

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