MC Bushkin x Sweet P - Shapeo

Sweet P "Some say he's musics best kept secret…"

The RNB gentleman...


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Shapeo is the brand new release from Mc Bushkin x Sweet P

The song is aimed at females and is intended to uplift and encourage body confidence regardless of weight or size

Because of this as well as a catchy hook great melodies and some bad ass punchlines this tune has become a hit in the underground and is fast gaining momentum on radio and with the help of Deevu in the mainstream

Genre wise Shapeo would fall under the Afro beats category but it’s also very universal and has mass appeal right across the generations

Available on all digital platforms Via DeeVu Records

Bushkin and Sweet P have put together a really great song here and Shapeo is definitely one for your playlist


Coming from humble beginnings there wasn't much to do apart from singing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush as a mic was a way to stay entertained and out of trouble - this was the beginning of Sweet P’s dream.

“Church was the first actual place I saw the connection of passion and expression in music.. When people sang they could forget everything and just truly express yourself in that moment.”

Home played an important role just like Church, a lively household stimulated his musical education. At home, ” One minute I would hear someone like LL cool J then from the same stereo would be Motown , Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, Queen , Tupac, Micheal Jackson , the Beatles”. Sweet P found himself amazed by how different artists could express different emotions. After several talent shows and working remotely on music in the USA & Jamaica, after which Sweet P began writing for different artists in the UK and globally.

Overtime, he’s developed his own signature sound, ready for the world to listen to. This story begins with watch this space… "I just wanna make music that makes people smile, love, cry creating a soundtrack for their life ."

MC Bushkin - Bushkin is The founder and front man of the Infamous group the heartless crew, known for their groundbreaking UK garage sound chart success and being the founders of UK grime music.

During their peek the talented trio toured outside the UK and introduced UK Garage/Grime to the world, whilst sharing the stage with many internationally acclaimed artists. This later earned them a MOBO nomination and a UMA award for their contribution to music.

Now focused on his solo career as a recording artist, Bushkin’s undeniable charm makes him stand out from everyone else. His thought provoking lyrics, poignant delivery and energetic personality make him impossible to pigeonhole and extremely unique.

Although humbled by his accomplishments thus far, Bushkin hopes that through his new music and working with new artists on his label, BUSHBASH RECORDINGS, listeners and clubbers alike will feel his energy, passion and vision for music. The future is looking ‘Absolutely good you know!’

April 8, 2021 8:05pm ET by Opaque Artists  

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