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Following on from his release YOU in early 2021, Law Marks aims to establish his name within the EDM industry, with his unique style and fresh perspective on musicality.

"Bad Intentions" is a powerful and atmospheric house track with a high energy feel. This song puts a big emphasis on melodic layering, paired a more complex production process than previous material from myself.

Creatively the ethos of the song represents a moment of true vulnerability, when a person with a tainted past has to put their trust in someone else. The lyrics echo a 'back and forth' nature with "Hold me" contrasting strongly against "Take all your bad intentions." A representation of uncertainty and losing control of a situation.

Law Mark states "This song took 4 weeks to complete and it was the first song that I created in a new studio space. The creation of this was a complete surprise as I wasn't expecting to be able to compose such a full sounding project so quickly in a new environment. I see "Bad Intentions" as an important step for the perception of my artistry, as it showcases a more depthful side to my sound.

In practical terms I can see this song being a strong repeat listen track for an extremely wide audience and a great choice for a mid set banger live."

Bad Intentions is now available on all digital platforms via DeeVu


UK progressive house artist and London based DJ, Law Mark draws on his past experiences within a wide variety of musical genres in order to bring a unique sound to the table.

Having a past playing in melodic hardcore bands and a background producing instrumentals for rap genres, this producer also lends his ear to the material of underground artists in order to help develop their sound.

April 22, 2021 11:00pm ET by Opaque Artists  

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