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Following up from his last release "Take it back" Lawz brings us new track Pressure under label DeeVu.

This track was aimed to please all those who listen to house music, it was inspired by Ibiza
classics. The track has a thick low bassline, with uplifting piano chords and tight percussion.
Alongside atmospheric synths there is accompanying wide bright vocals, to give the track more

Pressure is available on all digital platforms.


It’s a long time coming since music, along with the entirety of its world, enraptured the very mind, soul and body of UK’s producer and DJ Liam Lawrence. Residing under his LAWZ moniker, it’s brought him more than a hobby that got out of hand – it’s a calling, an understanding, ever present and fueling his past, present and future. Living and breathing at a pace that’s driven by the endless plethora of music styles he loves, this young talent is ready to make some big steps in the game of electronic dance music. Be sure to listen up.

Brought up in a household that had 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music playing all day, it’s no wonder that LAWZ keeps an open mind to diversity. At the age of 14, it were the likes of Deadmau5 and Skrillex though, and the incredible energy, intense depth and many layers of their music, that struck him. At that point, he knew this was the way to go, as he dedicated himself to learning the ropes of music production and DJ’ing. Liam chose to study music in college, took a deep dive into YouTube tutorials and set out to explore all things DAW – playing about until he mastered his flow. Two years into it, he found his home in Massive, and was finally able to define his own sound and create tracks and remixes of his own. A LAWZ original will be a clean sounding track with dirty bass-lines, hard-hitting melodies and percussion – always making sure there’s many layers to explore. A balancing act of oldskool house, today’s bass house and even a bit of techno, it’ll whet the appetite of purists and freethinkers alike.

A counterbalance of the many lonely hours spent in the studio, LAWZ has gained a lot of experience moving the crowds. At 16, he got his first club residency at a small, local bar. Today, 7 years later, he’s rocked the decks at some of the biggest venues in the UK, now holding residencies at Shooshh Brighton, ATIK Dartford and PRYZM Brighton. Anyone who’s ever witnessed one of LAWZ’ DJ sets, knows he’s not just moving from one record to the next. His sets represent the true DJ art, mixing and mashing at high speed, throwing in one surprise after the next. With bass house as the main ingredient to his eclectic mix of festival sounds, hard hitting low ends and snappy percussive elements, it’s the thick, deep basslines and catchy rhythms that make his sets stand out. A true perfectionist, he compliments breakdowns with deep chords and pads, keeping his audience on their toes. This is the game he loves to play, and he does it at no less than high score.

Continuously honing his craft for the love of music and with an ever-growing dedication to achieve his goals, LAWZ is currently rebranding, with new music, artwork and a lust for it all. Willing and able to claim the global mainstages, you might just meet this rising star, sooner rather than later. Yes, you’ll definitely be tuning in.

July 22, 2021 8:15pm ET by Opaque Artists  

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