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We know you’ve been video conferencing a lot over the past few weeks, so we wanted to share some tips that we’ve gathered from experts at NBC, the LA Times, and other top media. Whether you’re connecting via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or something else, following these tips will give you the best quality screen images.

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• Draw attention to your face. That’s more important than what’s on your walls. Wearing lipstick or chapstick will draw attention to your mouth when you’re speaking. Dress nicely, shave, and comb your hair. Looking nice will be appreciated.

• Create a clear shot. Avoid stripes, anything with a heavy pattern, vertical mini-blinds and mirrors or reflective surfaces. Minimize your hand gestures and body/head movements as well.

• Frame yourself. Being too far from the camera feels impersonal whilebeing too close feels uncomfortable. Position yourself in the center of the frame about 2 feet back. Leave enough space above your head, while the bottom of the camera should be in line with your chest.

• Make sure your camera is at eye level for a more flattering look. You can do this by stacking your laptop on top of something or changing your chair height.

• Find a quiet space. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid but try to choose a location away from family, roommates and pets. They’ll distract not just you but others on the call.

• Make your presentation easy on everyone’s eyes. Whenever you display a presentation with text on it, make sure that the font size is large enough to read. Scroll slowly enough to give people time to read.

• Mute yourself when not speaking. Even though you may think you're being quiet when not be speaking, most microphones can pick up minor background noises.

• Make sure you have good light.Adjust lighting or use a portable light source to make sure you have good light shining in front of you and from behind your screen. Pros even use this special light ring.

• Do video calls from a desk or other business-like location when possible. Consider background visuals such as award plaques or posters related to your work.

April 10, 2020 2:10pm ET by Shore Fire Media  

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