Younger Hunger Chronicle A Cheater’s Desperate Hypocrisies On Bedroom Pop Gem “Elmer”


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Today, Younger Hunger share the self-directed backyard video for their latest single “Elmer.” Built on a bed of chair-squeaking percussion and a lilting bassline, the track finds frontman Tony Davia laying bare all of the insecurities, hypocrisies, and imbalanced power dynamics of an unfaithful narrator who finds themself catching feelings for a sidepiece, another cheater who is far less invested in her extra-relational dalliances. “Why’d you hide me from your girlfriends / like I hide you from my girlfriend,” he sings (they’re “barely even work friends,” he lies). He finally lays out the most desperate of ultimatums: “I told you that I’d leave her / but only if you leave his punk ass in the dirt.”

Amid an array of lo-fi samples, and breathy, Frank Ocean-indebted harmonies, the track is a clever chronicle of a cheater's pathologies that is also irresistibly catchy. Check out the new song and video below.

Younger Hunger are the LA-based indie pop trio of Tony Davia, Lucas Connor, and Becket Edwards, three friends and collaborators living together, who not only have created a musical vocabulary all their own — one that equally valorizes Talking Heads and Playboi Carti, finding freedom in the genre agnosticism of the streaming era — but have built a band universe that is attracting a very online cult fanbase.

Inspired by the multimedia world-building of Gorillaz and Odd Future, Younger Hunger have set themselves apart with a modern DIY approach. Aside from writing the music, the band create all their own artwork, design their own merch, direct their own music videos, and, of course, manage their own social media, crafting off-kilter performances and charmingly tossed-off skits that build windows into their restlessly creative home.

Recently, the band sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss how independent musicians are creating content during the quarantine era and building connections with fans. Read more about how the band continues to connect with their 150k+ TikTok followers and a dedicated, highly active Discord server below.

Listen to Younger Hunger’s “Dead Inside,” their delightfully nihilistic bit of cowbell-propelled dread-pop breakthrough that’s racked up 3 million views below

June 15, 2020 10:05am ET by Shore Fire Media  

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