Pop Enigma Elliot Lee Shares New Ode Of Acceptance Good Bad Ugly


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Elliot Lee releases her latest single “Good Bad Ugly.” The latest offering from the rising chaos-pop artist - mixing bright colors, dark emotions, and bombastic riffs - is a piano-driven power-groove ballad that embraces all the sides of ourselves. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Snippets of “Good Bad Ugly” have already been shared by fans and influencers across TikTok, including users ash/bug and Anna garnering tens of thousands of views, all showing the different ways we classify good, bad, and ugly, and how we embrace all the facets of ourselves.

Lee said "I want everyone to understand that existence is too complicated to be beating ourselves up over small mistakes and toiling over impossible standards. Every single person makes good and bad choices, and people who seem flawless are just good at hiding the Bad and the Ugly."

With "Good Bad Ugly", Elliot continues her journey through the world of deeply personal dark-pop which she explored with previous releases such as her attention-commanding videos for “Dirt” -- which led Alt Press to describe Elliot as “a new contender in the world’s dark-pop kingdom” -- and“Pink (Freak)” -- a visceral, pastel-painted celebration of our multiple dimensions which Earmilk called "a constant push and pull, juxtaposing the bitter with the sweet in an audial and visual pursuit to set the record straight on what sadness (and depression) look like.”

With inspirations that span Sailor Moon, Mr. Rogers, Twenty One Pilots, the films of Hayao Miyazaki, and Y2K, Elliot is both sonically and visually hard to pin down, and she’s already one of the most exciting and surprising breakout acts of 2020. More to come soon.

July 3, 2020 1:05pm ET by Shore Fire Media  

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