A Michelada Mix That Takes Flavor to the Next Level

Flying Embers crafted the bold & zesty accent your drinks have been waiting for


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Flying Embers, known nationally for their innovative flavors and better-for-you alcoholic beverages (namely, hard kombucha and hard seltzers), have just announced the release of their hand crafted and all-natural Michelada mix kit, made locally in Los Angeles.

Unlike the typical michelada mix (which uses a base of tomato or clamato), Flying Embers crafted a bold and zesty blend that draws upon the flavors of traditional Mexican Tamarind, resulting in the perfect fusion of spicy, salty and fresh with balanced umami flavor and a hint of lime for heightened tasting notes. The mix is made in Los Angeles as a collaboration with chef Ulises of Bario Tacos in west LA. The Flying Embers new michelada mix includes the following:

3 Bottles (16 oz each) Original Michelada Mix (for 12 drinks)

Halo De Santo Salt Tin & Sucker Pack

12 pk: Pineapple Chili Hard Kombucha - 6.8% ABV

Order now here: https://www.flyingembers.com/collections/homepage-collection/products/embers-michelada-kit

A bold and zesty gift set complete with everything you need to make a few delicious and lifted Micheladas, with a Halo del Santo and Flying Embers twist. Perfectly balanced between spicy, salty and fresh, our tamarind-based Michelada mix is finished with umami taste and a hint of lime to bring this flavor profile to the next level.

Originally formulated to be paired with Flying Embers Pineapple Chili hard kombucha, it’s versatile enough to mix with your favorite lager. In our opinion, it’s a win-win.

"We searched far and wide in grocery stores to find a "better for you" michelada mix that complimented our pineapple chili kombucha. We found all-natural minus good flavor, and we found tasty mixes with a lot of preservatives and things we couldn't pronounce. We finally decided if we were going to find the perfect combination, we needed to figure out precisely what that meant and create it ourselves. Going the extra mile paid off. Our final product is better than we could have ever imagined." - Aaron Melendrez, Flying Embers Tastemaker

Crafted from a chef-driven approach, the Flying Embers Michelada mix uses all-natural and USDA organic ingredients for the freshest flavor and highest quality. Plus, it’s free of preservatives, shellfish and nuts.

With a squeeze of fresh lime and a salted rim, your Flying Embers michelada will automatically be taken to the next level. Serve with a couple of ice cubes on your favorite patio for maximum enjoyment.

October 12, 2020 8:20pm ET by Shore Fire Media  

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