Shawn Johnson East & Andrew East Introduce Teddy & Bear, Shawn Johnson East & Andrew East

A Children’s Brand Designed with Magical Moments in Mind

The East Family launches sock puppets that love your hands just as much as your feet


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Entrepreneurs, elite athletes and proud parents Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East announce the launch of Teddy & Bear, a children’s brand determined to spread adventure, spontaneity, and fun. The East Family launches their brand with a line of supima cotton socks that can be worn as children's socks or hand puppets - an invitation to play for all involved.

“Teddy & Bear socks are an extension of the magic we’ve experienced in becoming parents,” said Shawn. “We wanted to create a brand that captures the world you’re swept into when playing with your child.” “For Drew, they’re not just socks; they’re friends,” added Andrew. “We can’t wait to share how we’re making seemingly small moments silly and fun every day.”

Following the first-year success of The East Family’s coffee subscription service, Uniqorn Coffee, the proud parents wanted to create a brand with their daughter Drew in mind. Inspired by their quest to make the most of every moment with Drew, Shawn and Andrew started Teddy & Bear to encourage their little girl -- and all children -- to dream and to lean into their imaginations. The brand invites parents to keep adventure alive in the home and most importantly, to cherish those silly moments with your family!

Teddy & Bear is also passionate about high-quality craftsmanship. Each sock is made entirely in North Carolina, where the textile industry is family-run and values premium quality. Each set is knitted with the comfiest, coziest supima cotton around and dyed with hand-selected pantones unique to the brand.

Those looking for an adventure are invited to jump feet-first and place an order ahead of the holiday season. Prices start at $36 and there are four sizes available, ranging from 0 – 6 years old. To place an order and learn more about the adorable sock crew, visit today.

Each box of Teddy & Bear socks includes eight new friends to invite into your home:

Teddy the Tiger is the fastest, strongest critter of the bunch.
Bear the Bear keeps the crew in line and is known for his hugs.
Mallie the Mallard Duck is a total know-it-all and the fanciest friend.
Addy the Alligator might have big teeth, but has an even bigger heart.
Ray the Raccoon is very eager to peak through your pockets.
Ziggy the Zebra is silly as can be and always ready to play.
Mabel the Mouse is a little shy, but sure does love some cheese.
Phoebe the Pig is your inspiration to kick back and have a roll in the mud.
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About The East Family:

After retiring from gymnastics in 2012, Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson East has continued her success story with a New York Times best-selling book, a career in broadcast, a mirror ball trophy after winning Dancing With The Stars, and has launched several businesses alongside her husband, former NFL player Andrew East. As proud parents to their one-year-old daughter Drew, the East Family has documented their life with fans on their shared YouTube channel which has more than 100 million views and a podcast which has climbed to No. 2 on the overall charts. They have a collective 8.5 million followers on their social media platforms.

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