Pell Announces glbl wrmng vol. 1 Out February 19th Via Ingrooves

A Lover Letter To His Hometown New Orleans



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“One of New Orleans’ brightest pupils” — HYPEBEAST

“Polished artistry..near perfection” — BILLBOARD

“highlight a proud and resurgent post-Katrina New Orleans” — NYLON

“down-to-earth verses over delicately dancey beats” — FADER

Today, New Orleans rapper Pell announces glbl wrmng vol. 1 — a new conceptual project out February 19th. GLBL WRMG is a new NOLA-centric collective launched by Pell and music professional Nate “Suave” Cameron of 20+ local artists and producers including Malik NinetyFive, Jzzle, Jelly of Tank and the Bangas, Lil Iceberg, Kr3wcial, and more. glbl wrmng vol. 1 is an ode to the strength and resilience of their beloved hometown and emphasizes the city’s heroic survival.

“I wanted to make records with all my hometown friends that didn’t have to be just Pell records that could showcase the talent of New Orleans and what we had to offer,” Pell says. “I wanted to executively produce this record and then give us all something to call back on whenever we were on the road or outside of the city so that we could keep connecting and building together.”

glbl wrmng vol. 1 aims to capture the beauty, vibrancy, and, most importantly, resiliency of New Orleans — a city that can attest to the harsh realities of climate change — while simultaneously showcasing the artists and producers who are reinventing (and heating up) the city’s sound. GLBL WRMNG will be rolling out community initiatives involving recycling and gardens to give back to their local neighborhoods throughout the year.

The collective’s aptly titled debut “504” ft. Pell, Kr3wcial, and $leazy EZ is out today. The vibrant video is picture-perfect New Orleans and pays homage to local producer Niyo Davinci who passed away last year. An eclectic cast of characters dancing amidst beautifully colorful backdrops, the visual flaunts jovial, big band maximalism.

Read more and watch "504" via Complex:

As part of the “504” YouTube premiere, proceeds of the streaming will go toward Concerned Citizens of St. John Parish, a non-profit organization 30 minutes outside of New Orleans. The town has the third-highest COVID -19 death rate in the nation (among other shocking statistics) and the nonprofit's mission is to raise awareness about the high levels of Chloroprene in the atmosphere while providing solutions for the poor air quality.

glbl wrmng vol. 1 TRACKLIST:
1.Looka (Into By Lolly)
2.Ivory (Malik, Jzzle, Pell)
3.Well Shit (Pell, Paasky)
4.Take Time (Pell, Kr3wcial)
5.Technicolor (Dominic Scott, Letrainiump, Troop)
6.N95 (Pell, Kr3wcial, Dominic Scott)
7.Phipstory (Nesby Phips)
8.Party (Kenneth Brother, Pell, Kr3wcial, $leazey EZ)
9.Really Really (James Seville, Kr3wcial)
10.Bad (Neal, Malik)
11.Rania Talks Luv (Raina Menne)
12.What is Love (Jelly, Pell)
13.Colliding (The Adoni, Daylight Rodriguez, Pell, James Seville)
14.On Everything (Alfred Banks, Pell)
15. High When I’m Around You (Daylight Rodriguez, Dominic Scott, Pell, Lil Iceberg)
16. 504 (Pell, Kr3wcial, $leazey EZ)


Producers: Pell, Malik Ninety Five (Malik Sanders), Audio Hittaz (Bryant Keith Malonson), Al The Builder (Albert Allenback), Treyy Lb (Leonard Harris, III), Chad Alexander Roby, Niyo Da Vinci (Naim Shakir), Ghazi Ghamali (Gregory Christopher Fortenberry Jr.), Theodore Gould, Brandon J. Bierria, Neal (Neal Randall), Nesby Phips (Courtney Nero), James Seville (John Weldon), Daylight Rodriguez, LeTrainiump (LeTrainiump Richard), Kenneth Brother (Bryan Anderson)

Songwriters: Pell, Lolly (Laprincia Myles), Nesby Phips (Courtney Nero), Rashad Kelly (Paasky), James Seville (John Weldon, III), The Adoni (Rahsaan Adoni Ison), Jelly (Anjelika Joseph), Krystle Ophelia Cameron, Daylight Rodriguez, LeTrainiump (LeTrainiump Richard), Dominic Scott, Lil Iceberg (Bryan Garner).

Artists: Pell, Malik Ninety Five (Malik Sanders), Raina Menne, Kr3wcial (Anthony Gullage), Neal (Neal Randall), Alfred Banks (of SaxKixAve), Nesby Phips (Courtney Nero), Rashad Kelly (Paasky), James Seville (John Weldon, III), The Adoni (Rahsaan Adoni Ison), Jelly (Anjelika Joseph), Daylight Rodriguez, $leazy EZ (Keion Dominique Haydel), Stone Cold Jzzle (Brian Gilmore), LeTrainiump (LeTrainiump Richard), Dominic Scott, Lil Iceberg (Bryan Garner) Kenneth Brother (Bryan Anderson).

February 8, 2021 2:30pm ET by Shore Fire Media  

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