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Sky Ferreira on her debut album: 'No-one really believed in it'

American singer Sky Ferreira has been speaking about the success of her debut album.

Ferreira’s premiere LP – ‘Night Time, My Time’ – was released in the US in October 2013 and will be available in the UK tomorrow (March 17).

Talking to Digital Spy about the delayed release of her record, Sky explained:

“There was like weird label stuff and I switched manager. A lot of people weren't sure what to do with it. To be honest, I think at first no-one really believed in it, and then that happened and suddenly they were scrambling for it like, 'Oh my god we need to release this'.”

The ‘You’re Not The One’ songstress also spoke about her surprise over the praise ‘Night Time, My Time’ has drawn from critics.

She said: “I didn't expect such a great reaction. Not that I thought it was bad - I wouldn't have released it if I thought that - but it's always surprising when someone really likes it."

Sky Ferraira recently spoke out about her struggle against pressure from her record label and abusive strangers online.

Watch Sky Feirrera performing live below: