Exclusive Interview: Canadian Inuit Pop Artist Kelly Fraser on "Rebound Girl"

Canadian Inuk Kelly Fraser has been making waves with her single “Rebound Girl” gaining commercial radio play across Canada.  She now debuts the music video for the EDM pop song created in collaboration with producer Marc Meriläinen (Nadjiwan) and Aqqalu Berthelsen aka DJ Uyarakq.  The video features L.A. indigenous RnB/hip-hop artist and MTV video award winner PJ Vegas acting alongside Fraser in a dual role as both girlfriend and rebound girl.

Creating a professional quality music video was important to Fraser. As a Canadian Inuit artist who has achieved a Juno Award nomination and won the 2019 Indspire Award, she realizes that she is a role model in her community. 

Delf Gravert directed the video while Buffy Handel from the Aboriginal School of Dance produced and choreographed along with Fraser who created the concept.


How has your career progressed since your Sedna album?

I have received 2 music award nominations including a Juno award nomination for Indigenous Music Album of the Year in 2018. The songs are in a movie, several shows, and a CBC short doc. I have received several opportunities to collaborate and to compose for plays, movies and more TV shows.

Who are the producers that you worked with on “Rebound Girl”?

Marc Meriläinen and I made a slow Adele-like song, I wrote it and helped arrange and produce the first version.  Then we got a friend of mine Aqqalu Berthelsen aka DJ Uyarakq to remix it and it turned into a great EDM song 

Tell us about the new music video for “Rebound Girl”

I got a mustang for it, a professional makeup artist, a well known indigenous performer, and actor PJ Vegas to perform for my show and music video all the way from LA. Amazing videographers Ryan Kaoru Suzuki and Delf Gravert filmed and edited it. Buffy Handel did the choreography as well as act in it. My favourite part is me acting as me Kelly Fraser and the hypothetical Rebound Girl who is actually myself (as I am warning myself to be a "Rebound Girl". 

Not many Inuit artists have professional quality music videos released, why was it important to you?

Representation is important and I want Inuit to follow my lead and make more of them. I’m hoping to help Inuit, but first I want to show them that we can do anything.

Where did the idea for the video come from?

The idea came from a break-up and a lot of the dialogue was actually said to me so it’s not exactly a diss song. 

Who choreographed the video and how did you connect with them?

Buffy Handel and I worked together on the dance productions.  She owns the Aboriginal School of Dance, which is where we rehearsed and some of her dancers are in the video.

How did you like acting?  Do you want to do more acting?

Yes, I do. I love it. I am very dramatic.

Any fun stories from the video shoot?

Switching into costumes, changing my make up and driving the Mustang was a lot of fun.

What is next for you?

We are filming my “Sedna” music video in Igloolik this summer and my album Decolonize is coming out this fall.

Where can people follow you online?

Website: https://www.kellyfrasermusic.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kellyamaujaqfraser


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iskell

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