Tha Ashes - Say When

Tha Ashes ‘Say When’ Impact Date 17th November 2017

“Say When is a dreamy vibe with haunting vocals on a hip-hop beat. Looking forward to hearing more!” Matterz Mag

Listen to ‘Say When’ here!

Say When is the latest single from Tha Ashes (described as Drake meets WSTRN), supported by taste making radio stations such as Radar radio, Pulse FM, RJR Radio & Hot 102. The track has more than 13k views on YouTube…. everyone is talking about The Ashes!

Say When is about the feelings evoked during a difficult relationship. “I wanted to make an ‘I hate you but I love you type song’, an argument song not a breakup song. We all have that moment when we absolutely hate someone but don't want to break up forever.

Tha Ashes front man Ashanti started playing with words at the age of 11. He started writing poetry before discovering a passion for music, and soon turned his poems into lyrics.  His music is melting pot of genres, from grime to rock to funk. “My niche is my diversity: I rap, I sing, I produce and I do all genres of music. There is an Ash that can do everything, hence the name ''Tha Ashes'' meaning there is more than one Ash. It also means ''Ashes'' like in what is left after fire, a symbol for self-improvement and being a better version of yourself, what comes after the fire like a phoenix. And lastly, it’s a spin of my name. My name is Ashanti but everyone calls me Ash... so I just turned it into Tha Ashes.”

Stay tuned for “Say When” upcoming video, which will be available on YouTube very soon!

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