The Hip Song Choqué De Carnival

The Latin Media Has Been Overtaken With This Contoversial Craze.

A new Colombian dance craze has hit British shores, a crossbreed between Spanish and Rap/Dancehall and EDM. This sexy dance craze has caused controversy throughout Latin America as it requires two people bumping into each other using only their HIPS. Despite this (or because of this!) dozens of videos and millions of veiws have been storming the internet as a result of this latest fad. The music that accompanies the dance is the infectious Latino Hip Hop genre of Reggaeton which is essentially Spanish rap over a Latino styled Dancehall beat.

'The Hip Song Choqué de Carnaval' is the latest release from London based producer and rapper aka Mike Larry who moved from Colombia in the 90's. The track also features Darnell Eastwood who provides the RnB vocal flavour. Darnell has preformed at festivals through out the country including One World Peace Festival, Calo Festival and the Edinburgh Festival. finally Colombian rapper Platino adds a truly exotic feel to the track, delivering the unique Spanish rap. The video accompanying the track was directed and edited by aka Mike Larry himself, featuring dancers from all over Colombia preforming the dance in the streets of Barcelona. A truly global dance sensation.


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