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Claire Richards: "I've learnt to embrace my curves"

British songstress Claire Richards has revealed she's "all about the curves" since learning to embrace her fuller figure.

The blonde singer has publicly struggled with her weight since finding fame in pop group Steps.

Richards - who battled both bulimia and anorexia in the band's heyday - has now embraced her more natural frame, telling the Daily Mail: "Make the most of your curves, don't hide them. I'm all about the curves."

Richards - who has fluctuated between a UK size 10 and 20 in the past - was recently revealed as the face of plus-sized clothing line Fashion World.

She explained: "A big thing with my weight and my size and the kind of yo-yo cycle and what I struggled a lot with when I first put the weight on, was knowing how to dress. If I go out ok I’m not a size ten I will make the most of what I have got and hopefully I will look nice. It’s not about whether you look skinny, you don’t have to because not everybody is.

The singer continued: "I think with Fashion World they concentrate heavily on the issues that women worry about with their body."






Watch Claire leave the Big Brother house last week here:


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