The Hugs Drop New LP "I Love You To Death"

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"The '90s alt-rock radio anthem "Can't Behave" recalls the brief window of time when Oasis, Blur and pre- OK Computer Radiohead jockeyed for airwave dominance." - Pete Cottel, Wilamette Week

1. Mile High Lady
2. Love You To Death
3. Fool
4. Starcrossed
5. Future Nostalgia
6. Can't Behave
7. Who Loved You
8. Falling Star
9. Open Sea

If Brit-pop and the Pacific Northwest made sweet, dirty love, you'd get The Hugs. Their angst-ridden, get-up-and-dance sound is cut with a dose of nostalgic indie and garage rock that only comes as a product of slightly off-centered creative types and too many consecutive days of rain.

Based out of Portland, OR, this spunky trio unleashes their catchy hooks and off-the-wall energy in every live performance- smiling, dancing, and getting down with their sound is a given. Whether they're opening for bands like The Kooks or The Dandy Warhols or headlining house shows, fans love The Hugs for their British Invasion-esque rebelliousness and psychedelic pop roots.

Digital download of single available upon request.

Source Sub Rosa PR

April 13, 2019 4:55pm ET by Pressparty  

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