Magthegreat, Darktone and Nath Rolds deliver new track "Give It To Me" via SuperPosition Records


SuperPosition Records

June 18th 2020 - Zapresic, Croatia - Magthegreat, Darktone and Nath Rolds join forces to deliver new tech track "Give It To Me" via SuperPosition Records

This track is collaboration from three producers coming from Denmark, Guatemala and Colombia. Amazing track and great material for upcoming summer festivals we all need and crave for.

Track is done in tech house style with big banger flavor. Ideal for big room shows and open air festivals . It has great energy flow and its rhythm is pumping your joy to the sky.

From Darktone: "Our track "Give It To Me" with Magthegreat and Nath Rolds is really energetic and emotional for festivals and clubs. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do."

From Nath Rolds: "We know that is has a lot of potencial to break it at any club or festival and I hope the fans will enjoy this great track."

"Give It To Me" is out now on all platforms.


About Magthegreat
22 years old upcoming dj/producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. In real life known as Magnus Larsen.

About Darktone
José Ovando, better known as Darktone. He is a Guatemalan DJ / Producer and programmer.

About Nath Rolds
Jhon Cruz, better known as Nath Rolds. He is a Colombia DJ/Producer.

About SuperPosition Records
SuperPosition Records coming our of Zapresic, Croatia is record label with strong focus on quality electronic music. We’re always on the lookout for great new electronic music to release and tell the world about it. We are obviously not the biggest record label on the planet but we are passionate about what we do and appreciate artists who do the same. With 15 years of experience in media publishing we’ll put all our experience and effort to help you build your name in the music industry. SuperPosition in our name means super position for artist and for us. We believe that only satisfied artist is motivated to create art that shines and reflects its inner magic. Genres of music in which we’re interested: Techno, Melodic Techno, House, Deep House, Tech House, Minimal, Progressive House, EDM.

We're welcoming debut artists as we're here to guide you towards your first release and help you with your release to go smooth and safe. ← send your demo here!!!

June 18, 2021 2:10am ET by SuperPosition Records  

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