Croatian techno artist Walter Wayne releases techno EP "Orbis Unum" via SuperPosition Records


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November 26th 2020 - Zapresic, Croatia - Croatian techno artist Walter Wayne releases techno EP "Orbis Unum" via SuperPosition Records

Electronic producer and DJ, Walter Wayne, has released his third EP this year. Titled "Orbis Unum", it is a three-track release that features his signature sound as well as new sounds he's been experimenting with over the past year. The first track of the EP starts off with an intense riff which quickly transitions into a melody mixed with bright chords. His use of synthesizers creates an otherworldly atmosphere for listeners to experience and feel transported to another world. The second track continues this theme but brings in more percussion and bass effects than the first track. The last track is closure to this music omnibus in a bottle being most energetic track featuring dynamic transitions between Walter's recognizable beat and melody arrangements.

"Orbis Unum" is out now on all digital streaming platforms.


About Walter Wayne

Croatian artist/producer Walter Wayne is bringing distinctive electronic sound which combines heavy beats and rich arrangements of synthetic sounds.
His atomic approach to music is part of his engineering background and also part of his childish curiosity to explore and combine sounds which are posing new questions and widens the horizons for the listener.

About SuperPosition Records

SuperPosition Records coming our of Zapresic, Croatia is record label with strong focus on quality electronic music. We’re always on the lookout for great new electronic music to release and tell the world about it. We are obviously not the biggest record label on the planet but we are passionate about what we do and appreciate artists who do the same. With 15 years of experience in media publishing we’ll put all our experience and effort to help you build your name in the music industry. SuperPosition in our name means super position for artist and for us. We believe that only satisfied artist is motivated to create art that shines and reflects its inner magic. Genres of music in which we’re interested: Techno, Melodic Techno, House, Deep House, Tech House, Minimal, Progressive House, EDM.
We're welcoming debut artists as we're here to guide you towards your first release and help you with your release to go smooth and safe. ← send your demo here !!!

November 26, 2021 10:25am ET by SuperPosition Records  

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