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Going down the rabbit hole with Charmless i

Every once in while you discover a new band which immediately hooks you with their fresh and yet recognizably pleasant sound. Such a band you’re about to discover right here, the energetic four-piece is called Charmless I. The band is the brainchild of Dutch singer-songwriter Alex Pasveer, who has made many flight hours with his former band Steed, which released two studio albums and toured extensively at home and abroad.

Alex has now written a dozen or so criminally catchy tracks of which the first single ‘Fire Up (Here We Go)’ was released in May 2018 and second single 'Giant Leap For My Kind' in June. Both led to a great deal of enthusiastic attention on social media, no. 2 and no. 9 position in the NL Indie Chart and airplay in NL, GE, UK and AUS. The tracks are mastered by Andy Vendette, who has worked with artists such as David Bowie and the Beasty Boys. You will undoubtedly notice the touch of this master. This fall, after the fourth single release, there will be an EP (both digital and on vinyl).

Third single Rabbit Hole is a representative acquaintance with the energetic sound of Charmless i, in which a firm guitar sound is combined with modern stuff such as synth-bass and electronic drums. And then of course, there is this shout... The other tracks of the band are also refined and anthem-like and will be eagerly consumed by those who like bands such as New Order, Blur, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Stone Roses and the like. Need more anchor? Let’s call it ‘Electro-Britrock’.

Alongside Alex you may notice a familiar face on lead guitar. Alex has rudely revived the musical career of Rutger van Mourik. He is the former frontman of Britpop band Flemming who released two highly acclaimed albums on major label Warner in the first decade of the century. The rhythm section of the band is solid as a rock. Drummer Bart Klomp and bass player Auke Haaksma are a class act. They met during their studies at the conservatory in Alkmaar, therefore know each other thoroughly and are able to musically relate on a very high level.
And the band name is ironic of course. They are extremely charming indeed.

Rabbit Hole is released 17 August 2018 on BERT music (a division of TCBYML)


August 17, 2018 6:00am ET by TCBYML  

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