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Charlie and The City



Born and raised in the coastal town of Bournemouth, UK, Charlie Hole is nowadays one of the most exciting young singer-songwriters around. With a brave and honest voice, tackling relatable subject matters for all audiences, he has already been coined by Rod Stewart as an emerging talent with a gift for writing 'beautiful songs’. One can hear influences of Matt Simons, Rod Stewart, James Bay en John Mayer and in this particular case John Hiatt and Tom Waits.

After a chance meeting with well-respected guitarist and producer Jim Cregan (Rod Stewart, Katie Melua, Family), the pair began working closely together, with Jim mentoring Charlie and teaching him about the world of songwriting while always pushing him to develop his own style and sound.

The third single from his upcoming album Beautiful Decay is here now.

Charlie about his new single The City:
"I lived in London for about 5 years in total, playing the open-mic circuit, busking and learning how to live away from home. I wrote The City after moving out of London and reflecting on my time there with the benefit of a bit of space and distance. I've always been hugely influenced by my surroundings and London really imposed itself on my writing in a lot of ways. It left a mark on me for sure.

I often felt overwhelmed living in a place that had seen so much history, and I couldn't help but feel that in some way we were stitching ourselves into its tapestry somehow... I used to think about all the people who had passed through that place over the years, how many stories it could tell, how many dreams it had made or broken over all that time. I also wanted to give the city a personality, like it was this omniscient presence watching over all of us, deciding who was going to win or lose on any given day, like it held all of us in the palm of it’s hands. I felt like it was bigger than all of us and I wanted to get that across in the song. There's a bit of everyone in there I hope."

"This guy's got potential" - Rod Stewart

"Charlie keeps getting better, evolving as a songwriter" - Steve Harley

"Charlie puts a lot of power and emotion in his song (...) we are hooked!" -
Music For Your Heart

The City is released this week and available for purchase/streaming on all known digital platforms.

Tour dates:

Date City Venue
14 September 2018 Nottingham, UK Speciality Coffee Shop
15 September 2018 Bristol, UK Milk Teeth
26 November 2018 London, UK Servant Jazz Quarters

September 14, 2018 6:00am ET by TCBYML  

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