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With both Dutch and South American roots, Jessy Yasmeen brings the best of both worlds. Her dreamy indie folkpop is inspired by acts such as Ben Howard, Bon Iver and Matt Corby. With her songs she wants to challenge listeners to be vulnerable and help conquer personal battles like fear and desire.

New single Let's Slip Away is part of a project that Jessy Yasmeen started this year while drawing inspiration from the world being in lockdown: the isolation tapes.

Jessy about her new single and project:
"I was longing for the summer, but now this year everything seems to turn out differently. So I thought if the feeling of summer is absent outside - because it is quiet, the terraces are closed and everything else - how can I create that summery feeling myself? To me these tracks are what summer looks like in my head. I take the listener on a (world) trip and thereby introduce them to South American rhythms combined with an indie vibe.

Let's Slip away is a song about when you have a strong connection with someone and it's not only the physical attraction between the two, but also because of what you have in common. Both with a heavy past that you are haunted by, and you both always felt like an outlaw. But people judge the intense bond you have and it is like Bonnie and Clyde. A bad romance that is a bit toxic and a bad influence. But all you care about is how you feel together, and that is being seen by each other and not feeling alone for the first time. So you come up with the idea to disappear together and start anew.

In addition to being a musician, I wanted to outline better what I want from a producer. But I kinda got the hang of it in this time of self isolation, so in the end the songs turned out as co-productions with producer Teodor Voicu."

Over the past three years, Jessy Yasmeen played more than 80 shows on stages in The Netherlands and Germany. Last year her debut EP saw the light of day, she won a big Dutch music award, 'Grote Prijs van Rotterdam' (category: singer-songwriter), and earned nominations for the Rotterdam Music Awards (categories: ‘the promise’ and ‘best track’).

LeFutureWave: "Yasmeen creates her own musical world. She makes real art."

Let's Slip Away is out now on BERT music (a divison of TCBYML)

writer: Jessy Yasmeen | ISRC: NL-C8O-20-00051


August 28, 2020 4:00am ET by TCBYML  

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