Rook and The Ravens Drop New Single

‘Morning Shakes’ available Today (24 January)


The Faithful Agency

Alternative, Indie, alt rock, alt folk, alternative pop…..its difficult to pin a label on Rook and The Ravens. And why would you want to? You just need to accept their music into your lives and file under ‘A clever, thrilling, thought provoking ride through your emotions’.

Morning Shakes is not only a story told in three minutes of powerful guitar driven indie pop…but a true story shaped by somebody known to the band. It’s a story that takes us through the horrors of extreme addiction, control and abuse. It leads us to where the people who love our protagonist have no alternative but to take extreme action to save her and they have her sectioned under the mental health act while asleep.

Hailing from across the North, Rook and The Ravens wear their story telling credentials like a Rita Tushingham kitchen sink drama badge of honour. Rook and The Ravens are Joe Fay guitars/vocals, James Fay guitars/vocals, Tom Cartledge keyboards/guitars/vocals, Dave Brodie/Bass and John Bernard Major/drums. Morning Shakes is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Le Bateau’. The album is set for release in the Spring but in the meantime the lads have very thoughtfully released a very powerful video to accompany Morning Shakes.


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January 24, 2020 3:30am ET by The Faithful Agency  

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