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Tegan and Sara couldn't tell each other that they hated being on stage

'Closer' hitmakers Tegan and Sara have opened up about their tumultuous relationship in a new interview with Britain's The Guardian newspaper and confessed that there were times when they both hid the truth from one another in fear the reality could split them up. 

They explained that whenever there was tension between them, they would feel deserted by their team and being left alone was tough. Tegan said:

“We were often out on our own. And the second Sara and I had conflict, everyone would leave. It was alienating and awful at times. We’d look around at [other bands] and think, ‘You’re having so much fun,’ ’cos they were friends. Whereas we were out there and it felt like some weird punishment or prison sentence."

"But we couldn’t acknowledge it to each other. I couldn’t say: ‘I hate this, I hate being onstage, I’m uncomfortable in my skin, I feel scared, alone, broke.’ Because [Sara] could have just been like: ‘Me too, let’s quit.’”

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