Chimpo - Monkey Teef

Chimpo is Manc, mad and one one of the most underrated talents the UK holds upon its shores. Probably best known as a DJ, the talented fellow is also a top-notch producer and an emcee which sees him work with key players such as Dub Phizix, Trigga, Serocee, Footsie, Strategy & Big Narstie on his new mixtape “Monkey Teef’ which is released for free download on Toddla T’s Girls Music Bandcamp page on 28th November 2014.

With an exclusive stream coming courtesy of Dazed, the mixtape is a homage to the gamut of styles and tempos that he draws influence from which include garage, dancehall, rap, drum’n'bass and grime. Laced with the thick Manc accent and the quirky lyricism, Chimpo shines through in all aspects of the offering leaving you in no doubt as to the fact the mixtape will stay a firm favourite on your iTunes and the fact you’d snap up the chance to go down the pub and talk music, life and lyrics with this character over a pint, any day of the week!

You know you’re on to something special when even the artwork has it’s own story. An original piece from world-renowned street artist and musician, Kid Acne, only 50 hand pulled, 7 inch screen prints have been made and numbered which will be made available to make your very own! 

Clearly respected amongst his peers, having teamed up with the likes of Zed Bias and Big Dada on past projects, toured China and had guest mix slots on BBC Radio 1, Chimpo is set to be a celebrated talent. Giving a refreshing balance between taking his music seriously but not taking himself seriously, the mischievous, subversive edge to Chimpo makes the Monkey Teef mixtape the perfect soundtrack to life.

A serious collection of banging tracks topped with nods from the scenes top dons – you can thank us later!






1 - Monkey Teef Intro


2 - Hype Kids


3 - Buss it Up Ft. Dub Phizix & Trigga


4 - Boston Tea (Skit)


5 - Champion Sound Ft. Fox & Serocee


6 - Gun Teeth Request Line Ft. Suku Ward 21


7 - Wha Dem Do Ft. Footsie, Strategy & Big Narstie


8 - And it's Tee Ft. Terminator


9 - War Cry 


10 - Tank Cleaning (Skit)


11 - Ya Know Me Ft. Rolla & Slay


12 - Your Time 


13 - All Thru the Night Ft. Jenna G


14 - Relatively Speakin' Ft. DRS


15 - Blow ya Whistle Ft. Trigga & Black Josh


16 - Movement Stiff Ft. Chunky & Rolla


17 - Bob the Baller (Skit)


18 - Come off it Ft. Free Wize Men & Chuckz


Bonus Track


19 - Toddla T x Jammer x Danny Weed - I Don't Wanna Hear That (Remix Ft. Fallacy, T-man, Slick Don & Skittles)


Download Chimpo - Monkey Teef


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