Sunaree- Rockstar remix (Music Video)

RELEASED: 12/11/17  

Embracing an essence of non-conformity, Sunaree isn't afraid to break against the mold. The Northampton native provides her very own remix of Post Malone ‘Rockstar’, where she creates a unique spin on a classic. Entwining a melodic flow with the hypnotic instrumental, Sunaree demonstrates her eclectic repertoire.

The half Thai half Trinidadian songstress represents her diverse heritage and over the years she has resided in locations across the world such as England, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. Having experienced racial abuse due to her multicultural ethnicity at a young age, as well as being caught up in a terrorist attack on her school whilst she was in Saudi Arabia during the 9/11 attacks, she described her experiences as ‘I lived an interesting but miserable childhood”.  Helping her get through these events she took solace into music, which spurred a passion for the art itself. 

Back in 2015 she took a confident leap and decided to move from Thailand to London to focus fully on her music, where she is able to use this as the platform to share her story. Pushing boundaries with a mission to help other young people who don’t feel like they fit in to feel more secure in themselves. She aims to flip the script and allow her music to become the canvas where she can fully express herself on. 
Sunaree: ‘"I came here to win, not trying to fit in" 
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