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As the tension builds in the thriving grime scene, war season is almost here and Lord Of The Mics are on the brink of releasing a massive 9 clashes that will undoubtedly show us who the next stars in the scene are.

Each week on the lead up to release, the battling emcees have been dropping their initial video dubs, calling out their competition and attempting to get lyrical dominance over each other. No holds barred, the ‘Hype Sessions’ get deep, personal and raw as the emcees get the opportunity to talk all of their smack talk before facing their competitor head on and heading to battle for the clash itself.

With the audio of each Hype Session premiering exclusively on BBC Radio 1Xtra every Friday with grime scene legend Sir Spyro, the videos have then been dropping each Sunday. To date we’ve seen F.O.S vs Reece West and TRoadz vs SBK stepping out, this week it's the run of Logan vs Armz.

At the very least, Logan OLM should be on your radar after his appearance on Hitman’s “Jack In The Box” remix in March. But his standout appearance on what was a star-studded team-up is just the tip of the iceberg.

In the two years since he started, Logan has released the Lyrics Galore Part 2 project with JoJoSick; then, just a couple of weeks after the “Jack In The Box” remix, he switched things up dramatically by jumping on a UK funky riddimcourtesy of rising London producer Kouslin (which subsequently found its way onto Idris Elba’s Yardie mixtape). All this is to say that Logan is an emcee who’s shown an impressive level of versatility and confidence in just two years. As for the future, we’ve been told we can expect a joint EP with fellow LOTM alumn Micofcourse dropping later this year.

Watch Logan’s Hype Session to hear him describe himself as:
“War-ready, match-fit, polished, no flaws.”

Armz has a decade of experience under his belt and he’ll be bringing all of that to the table when he clashes Logan. Among his many achievements, his #52Armz project saw him drop a new track every single week for a year, and he hasn't slowed down since. A new full-length project called Tark Rite has been slated for later in the year, which will apparently include guest spots from Wiley and a few other big name stars. The fact that his Hype Sessionincludes a barrage of variations on “Kill Logan” should tell you exactly what kind of ferocity both emcees are going to bring to proceedings. “People need to understand what’s about to go down,” he told us, “and this just sets the tone. Don’t be late to the future.”

Catch the new Hype Sessions on YouTube from Sunday:

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