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For the few who don’t know who up and coming rapper Psychs is, you definitely will soon. There isn’t many that aren’t trying to get him featured on their music platform since he caught his biggest buzz during the Coronavirus pandemic with his popular single ‘Spreadin’.

Although Psychs has been releasing songs for a few years now, some may be surprised that he is only 18 years old – with fans calling him a prodigy. The release of ‘Spreadin’ (which reached over 1 million views!) really gave him the exposure that kick started his experience in the industry. For obvious reasons being that we were all in a global pandemic and it was a relatable song for all, the energy he shows, and the catchy chorus instantly made it a hit.

Psychs kept up the momentum throughout the whole of the lockdown and was seen featured on Instagram talent shows, such as Joey Clipstars ‘HB Talent’ which eventually led Psychs to be featured on the ‘HB Cypher’ seen on Link Up TV’s YouTube channel. As well as this, Psychs has the crown for the most wins on the talent show, where the viewers get to pick the champion.

He may be 18, but his lyrical content is cleverly unpredictable, and each song he releases shows a different side of Psychs which entices us to want to hear more to see what side of him we’ll get next. This new single ‘Target Met’ is one of his more catchy and upbeat songs, where raps about his lifestyle and continuing to reach his goals and but maintains the same cheeky and playful sound we’ve heard before.

Psychs has gained recognition from big names such as; JME, who posted a freestyle of his on his Twitter page, French The Kid, A1, Benny Banks and more. As well as this, he was chosen to be the supporting act for Aaron Unknown’s headline show, performed at many other live shows and also won joint first place at Backroad Gee’s Cypher. Psychs has definitely paved the way for his journey to the top and we’re sure this is only the start of something incredible.

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November 15, 2021 7:25am ET by Ten Letter PR  

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