Lady Lykez Rosa Parks

Released: 08/12/13 via CTRL Records


Following on from the controversial, in-your-face and notable release of “I Love my Butt” that gained Lady Lykez major attention, including over half a million YouTube hits on the video and national radio playlists; the confident, edgy and talented rapper is back to present her skill, as a cultured lyricist, on brand new track, ‘Rosa Parks’.


 “Rosa Parks is a very inspirational woman to me, I look up to her as a strong confident women who was a pioneer. I've used her story of sitting at the front of the bus, as a reference to my music and how it has inspired me to push forward. Over the years I've found it quite hard to get my music out there and to keep pushing, but now I'm starting to achieve a lot and gain recognition, and doing things on the same stage as other successful artists. I'm movin forward now and I'm not ready to go back anytime soon!!"

Taking one of her myriad of approaches to music, Lady Lykez switches up the flow yet again as there’s no sign of her stopping from delivering exhilarant and impressive new music. Whilst ‘I Love My Butt’ had everyone talking about the UK rapper that has stormed on to the scene, the entertainment factor of the track left harsher critics uncertain to the depth of the rapper behind it, so when Charlie Sloth’s Fire in the Booth dropped online to rave reviews; fellow rappers, fans and critics were left in astonishment and in no doubt as to her ridiculously incredible flow, heavy punch lines and ability as a gifted emcee, something which she is set to affirm further with ‘Rosa Parks’.


Released via CTRL Records and co-produced by Lady Lykez, ‘Rosa Parks’ has a heavy, bass-filled Hip-Hop beat featuring classic old school synths. Topped off with her vocals on the hook and the verses, the track has the appeal of a future classic and is intentionally released during Black History Month as a nod to one of Lady Lykez’s key inspirational figures. No doubt ‘Rosa Parks’ will have you jumping on the Lady Lykez bus if you weren’t already on-board.

Lady Lykez - Rosa Parks


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