ITV's hit entertainment show is back with a bang for a sixth series as

Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden are joined by Alesha Dixon and David Walliams

on a new-look judging panel

Britain’s Got Talent is back on the road with the Judges trawling the length and breadth of the UK in search of Britain’s best talent.

Hosted by award-winning TV favourites Ant & Dec, Simon Cowell is joined on the exciting new panel by actor and comedian David Walliams; singer, songwriter and dancer Alesha Dixon; and returning Judge, Amanda Holden.

This year the winner will not only have the opportunity to perform at the 2012 Royal Variety Performance, they will also receive a life changing £500,000 - £250,000 of which will come from Simon Cowell's own pocket.

Expect the unexpected on Britain's Got Talent, anything goes from dance troupes to acrobats, magicians to comedians and dancing dogs to mind-blowing contortionists. The show is open to any performer of any age, from any background, with any talent - all they need is a skill and star quality which they think will impress the Judges.





Ant:      Welcome to Britain’s Got Talent


Dec:    The show that goes to extremes to bring you the freshest new acts around. 

Ant:      All they have to do is impress our brand new judging panel.            


Dec:    Get past buzzers and wow our live audience. 

Ant:      Who wins that will walk away with a spot on the Royal Variety and half a million pounds.


Dec:    So there’s only one thing left to do, let’s find out if Britain’s got talent.  Oh my god that’s amazing. 




Britain’s Got Talent has arrived in Blackpool. 

And everyone’s hoping history doesn’t repeat itself.  When it came to town four years ago there was one judge left particularly unimpressed.



Simon: It’s a no.  The worst day of auditions I have ever, ever, ever done in my life. 


Dec:    Yes we’re back in the home of UK entertainment. 

Ant:      And all this lot are here to prove Blackpool has got talent. 


Backstage contestant conversations

Ashley: I think if I was to get buzzed it probably would be Simon, it would perhaps make him bored. 


Judges Arrivals

David:  Have Ant and Dec been past?

Audience: Yeah, I’ve seen Ant and Dec.

David:  Simon Cowell?

Audience: I haven’t seen him yet.

David:  He’s still in bed.  


Laura [Terrific Two]: I’m a bit nervous of what Simon will think.

Crew:  Do you know what the best thing to do is, is just give him your best smile.  Just walk out, really confident and give him your best smile. 


Audience member: Blackpool has got talent and I just think it wasn’t our turn last time.  I think Simon will definitely; definitely change his mind this time about Blackpool. 

And with Blackpool still shell shocked from Simon’s last visit, there’s only one

question on everyone’s lips.

Audience: What do you think of Blackpool?

Simon: I love Blackpool. 

Audience: Simon Cowell’s just another man, he’s a man at the end of the day who’s done well for himself and that’s it. 

Simon: Are there any fish and chip shops here?  If it’s sunny I’d like to go on the big dipper. 

Contestant: I need to go to the toilet again.

Ant:      Please welcome David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Simon Cowell. 

Lily and The Pineapple hunks, Blackpool, Various ages, Singing and Dancing group


Alesha: Hello.  What’s your name?

Lily: Lily and the Pineapple Hunks. 

Alesha: How long have you been performing together?

Lily: We’ve known each other about two years and dancing at Pineapple Performing Arts School.

Alesha: Do you guys think you can win this show? 

Lily: Yeah.

Alesha: We’re going to see something we’ve never seen before aren’t we?

Lily: Yeah, I think you’re going to.

Simon: Right, good luck.

Alesha: Good luck. 

PERFORMS [sings It’s Raining Men and dancing] 

Lily: Hello Blackpool, I’m Lilly, these are my boys and we’re here just for you. 

The Judges deliberate…


Valentina: I hope that they’re not buzzing because they’re tired and just wanting to get off.


Terrific two: Laura and Todd, Dog act


The Judges deliberate…

Kathy, 56, Blackpool


David:  What’s your name?

Kathy:  Kathleen

David:  What would winning this competition mean to you?

Kathy:  It would mean everything to me because I’ve been doing this impression for years.

Alesha: Good luck.

PERFORMS [Cliff Richard impression]

Kathy:  Thank you very much.  Good evening Blackpool.  I trust this isn’t one of those Cliff free zones, do you know the other day-

Simon: [to panel] Who is that? 

Kathy:  - I heard that some radio stations banned playing my records. 

David: [to Simon] Cliff Richard.


The Judges deliberate…

Valentina, 59, Blackpool:

Simon: Oh god. 

Valentina: My name is Valentina; I’m doing a poem.


Valentina: You were my first love, you were an artist and a poet.  You were maybe too gentle

to me. 

David:  I’m not sure it’s something that we need to see performed.

Valentina: Well if you’d all shut up you might have heard the words.

Simon: It’s going to be a no darling so thank you. 

Alesha: Thank you.

David:  They were booing before she started.

Alesha: They already decided.

David:  When she said she was going to do poetry it was like boo.  Like no way are we

listening to poetry. 

Simon: This is going to be absolute end of the pier stuff here, right. 

Ashley, 16, Blackpool, Xylophone player

Ant:      Right we need someone to go out there and wow this crowd, raise the roof.  Are you the man?


Ashley: We’ll see.

Ant:      Listen best of luck alright. 


Dec:    Have fun out there.


Ant:      Off you go pal.


Dec:    Best of luck, enjoy. 


Simon: Hello, what’s your name?

Ashley: My name is Ashley Elliot.

Simon: It’s a very tough audience today Ashley.  How old are you?

Ashley: I’m sixteen. 

Simon: And is this what you wanted to be for, you know when you leave school you know,

you want to be a professional xylophone player.

Ashley: Or percussionist or musician yeah. 

David:  Does it get the girls, the xylophone?  Because chicks love a xylophone. 

Simon: Okay has anyone sold records playing the xylophone before? 

Ashley: There’s been people who’ve been accompanied playing the xylophone so loads


Simon: Like who?

Ashley: Evelyn Glennie.

Simon: Yeah I forgot her. 


Ashley: I’ve been playing the xylophone for two years.  I started off in my percussion

teacher’s house and I eventually ended up buying that one, and that’s the one I’m playing

today.  I live at home with my Mom and Dad on a farm.  Dad is a farmer and the whole family

have been farmers for hundreds of years, but I want to break away and do music as a



Simon: Okay, Ashley well look you’ve got two minutes, best of luck.

Alesha: Good luck.  

David:  Hit it.



The Judges deliberate…



Welcome back to Britain’s Got Talent where the auditions have landed in Birmingham 

As preparations begin Amanda’s back from having her baby and is catching up with

Simon whilst David and Alesha make their long journey all the way from the hotel to

across the road.




Judges arrivals

Alesha: Yeah I’m lazy and I’m in heels.

David:  Well I’m going to walk.

Alesha: See you in a bit. 

David:  I’m going to walk it.  Hello everybody. 

Alesha: Thank you. 

David:  I’ve been here ages.

Alesha: Making me look like the diva. 

David:  [to Alesha] you look gorgeous by the way.

Alesha: Hi everyone. 

So all the Judges have arrived and there’s just time for everyone to have some last

minute touch ups.


MONTAGE of contestants getting ready


Contestant: We need to get ready if we’re going to get on. 

Crew:  What are you doing?

Contestant: She’s warming up her nipples so that they don’t show.

Contestant: Has anyone got any makeup?

Contestant: I have. 

Beatrix , 27, burlesque dancer

Beatrix: I’m just drying out like, I don’t know, it must be fear.

Crew:  Yeah, you’ll be fine when you get out there.

David:  Shall we get the ball rolling today Simon? 


Beatrix: I’m Beatrix Von Bourbon, I’m 27 and I’m from London.  Since being a child I’ve had

a background in dance.  I took ballet classes and tap classes.  I’m terrified about performing

in front of so many people today.  I think it’s being out of my normal space.


Simon: How are you?

Beatrix: I’m a bit terrified.

Simon: Oh, you’ve got nothing to be afraid of.  And what’s your name? 

Beatrix: I’m Beatrix Von Bourbon.

Simon: Okay how old are you Beatrix? 

Beatrix: I’m 27.

Simon: Okay well I don’t know what you’re going to do but good luck.

Beatrix: Thank you. 


The Judges deliberate…


So it seems David’s been distracted but he’s not the only one.

Dean:  I told you before man. 

Chris:   Slow it down. [said while girls are walking past]

Dean:  Oh my god. [said while girls are walking past]

Yeah, they’ve got their eyes firmly on the prize, meet The Mend. 


Craig:  We’re all normal, average-

Dean:  ish.

Craig:  Yeah normal-ish lads from, well from Manchester.

Dean:  We all just stick together, we jam and just like, throw that in there, yeah I’m feeling

that idea, throw it down, put it on the mic, straight in there and it’s just like.  And when you

get into this, when you’re all on the same level and you’re all vibing it’s just like, next level,


Dean:  Smash it no matter what.

Jay:     I’m going to do my best, you going to do your best?

Dean:  I’m going to be my best.

Jay:     Are you going to do better than me? 

Jay:     Yeah I’m going to do better than you Craig.  I’m going to do well better than you Craig.

Dean:  I’m going to do better than you. 


David:  Hello guys, what are you called? 

Jay:     We’re The Mend. 

David:  And what are your names? 

Jay:     I’m Jay.

Dean:  I’m Dean.

Chris:   I’m Chris.

Craig:  And I’m Craig.

Simon: And how long have you been together as a group? 

All:       Three years. 

Simon: Okay and you’ve stuck to it for three years?

All:       Yeah.

Craig:  Every day. 

Simon: Okay good for you.  And so what’s your dream?

Chris:   Just to be as successful as we can basically.

Dean:  People, like where I’m from anyway, everyone’s in debt like, up to their eyeballs in debt and people sweep to crime, it’s not what they want to do. 

Craig:  We’ve done stuff we regret in the past but that’s not what we’re about, obviously the past is in the past. 

Jay:     We’ve all got problems, we’ve all got problems at home but we’ll keep doing music until we can sort them problems out and that’s what we’re going to strive to achieve basically, we’re going to keep doing it until we’ve made it. 

Craig:  We’ve been gigging anywhere and everywhere, charity gigs, schools, clubs, but we’re here on Britain’s Got Talent to take us to that next level and we want to be known, we want to show everyone what we can do.

Simon: Good luck.

Alesha: Good luck.

Craig:  Nice one. 


The Judges deliberate…



Dec:    Welcome back to Britain’s Got Talent where our search has moved here to London. 


Ant:      Hundreds of acts are waiting to show the judges what they’re made of so let’s see what England’s capital has to offer.


London’s hopefuls are making their way to auditions with each one hoping they’ve got what it takes to impress the judges.

Crew:  What’s the name of your act please?

Carole Anne:   Deja Vu.  We love David Walliams and we want him on stage with us eventually.

Carole Anne:   Is it Walliams or Walliams?

Deja Vu: Yeah, David Walliams.

Carole Anne: Walliams or Walliams?

Deja Vu: Walliams.  Amanda-

Deja Vu : Yeah but she’s not here today.

Carole Anne: Ah yeah, it’s Carmen Electra, I keep calling her Carmen Miranda.  I love you very much.  The one that I’m a bit nervous of, I have to say Alesha Dixon.  She was in a girl band so I’m hoping that she’s going to relate to us.

Crew:  There’s a rumour that Simon’s actually going to turn up on time today.       


Alesha: You’re joking.

Carole Anne: It’s always a bloke that makes your day you know that don’t you girls. I just want to say I want this to go to the next level.  We are Deja Vu, we are a vocal group and we are aged from 30 up to 56.  18 months ago I put a casting call out because it was my dream to have an older woman band because there are no older women groups out there.  I think Little Mix.

DejaVu: Think Little Mix.

Carole Anne: Older Little Mix though yeah.  And we’ve got just as much to give as they have.

The ultimate would be to, I’m going to say girls, I want to perform at the O2 and I want these

girls with me.  I want us to be the headline.  Do you know what-

DejaVu: What?

Carole Anne: - we always do before we go on stage.

DejaVu: Go on. 

Carole Anne: We’ve got to say a little prayer.  Madonna does prayers, Lady Gaga does

prayers.  Come on guys, do a prayer.  You know why I’m here god because I believe in

everybody here today because we’re all living our dream.  God bless everyone.

DejaVu: Amen. 

Dec:  Ready to step on the Britain’s Got Talent stage, they’re ready to see if you’re ready to

do it.


Carole Anne:   Yeah, thank you.  I hope so. 

Dec:    All yours, I can’t wait to see it.


Ant:      Good luck, good luck.

Dec:    Good luck.

Déjà vu, Girl Group, Various ages, London


David:  What’s your name?

Carole Anne:   Well we’re Deja Vu.

David : Okay.

Carole Anne:   My name’s Carol-Anne.

David:  Okay and how-

Carole Anne:   Hello David, sorry.

David:  Hello yes it’s me.

Carole Anne:   Hello Alesha.

David:  Yes Alesha Dixon.

Carole Anne:   Carmen.

David:  What about Simon, don’t miss him out. 

Carole Anne:   I’ve got a lot to say to you Simon.

Simon: I’m here.

Carole Anne:   I came here today because you’re my dream, you’re my inspiration.

David:  These ladies here, are they your friends or are you related to them?

Carole Anne:   Well these girls are all following in my dream and they saw the casting call.

David:  Oh right okay and what did you ask for?

Carole Anne:   An older Little Mix.

Alesha: An older Little Mix?  Excellent.

Simon: Can I just be clear so you see a gap in the market for an older girl group?

Carole Anne:   Yes I do.  As you get older the voices get better.

Simon: No I get it.  I’m really actually looking forward to this. 

Carole Anne:   Oh my goodness.

Simon: I’m intrigued.  Let’s go.

Alesha: Go on girls. 

PERFORMS – Adele, Rumour has it


The Judges deliberate…

Twist and Pulse, Dance Group, London

Ashley: I’m Ashley.

Glen:   And I’m Glen.

Ashley: And we’re ttt-

Glen:   ppp-

Ashley: -twist and

Glen:   -pulse. 

Ashley: Two years ago we auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. 

Glen:   We came runners up.

Ashley: It was the best experience of our lives.  We have been touring everywhere, we’ve

done arenas like the O2 Arena, Wembley Arena, but we’re actually here this time with our

dance company. 

C4: We are Twist and Pulse Dance Company, our ages range from 12 to 20.

Ant: How are you?

Dec: You look really good.


Ashley: How are you doing?


Ant: You’re back auditioning, you came second.

Ashley: I know we did, we did.

Dec: So you want to go one better and win it this year.


Ashley: We do yes, that’s it.

Jade: We’ve seen Britain’s Got Talent change Ashley and Glen’s lives and I think all of us

really want that success and more.

Ant: Can you go one better and win the competition? 

Ashley: Yeah. 

Twist and Pulse Group:  They’re always on our case like rehearsals at this time and like we

have to do our dance about fifteen times or more.

Twist and Pulse Group: Their favourite word is again. 

Ashley: The start needs to be like, face animated. 

Twist and Pulse Group: We all work so hard throughout the whole rehearsal, the intensity is

quite hard to take to be honest. 

Ashley: When we finish-

Glen:   Everyone just lays out on the floor.

Ashley: They can actually take off their tops, roll them in a ball and like a waterfall comes

out.  It’s nasty isn’t it.

Twist and Pulse Group: We all sweat loads but I think Marjan the most.

Glen:   We had each other and they’ve got all of them.

Ashley: Everyone, plus us.

Glen: Plus us.

Ashley: That is like a bonus, you’ve got Twist and Pulse mate. 


Twist and Pulse Group: We want to perform, that’s our dreams.

Ashley: We believe they’re the best, you guys are just going to see it.

Glen: Yeah, yeah.

Ashley: When you see it, I think you’re going to faint.

Ant: Good luck. 


David:  Hello, what’s your name? 

Jade:   My name’s Jade and we are Twist and Pulse Dance Company.

David:  Okay.  So Twist and Pulse were the runners up a couple of years ago.

Jade:   Yes.

David:  So they put you together?

Jade:   Yes.

David:  Okay.

Simon: Where would you see yourself in five year’s time? 

Jade:   We want to make our own tour, we don’t just want to be known in the UK.  We want it

to be worldwide, we want to be really successful.

Simon: And you’re that good? 

Jade: Yeah. 

Simon: Yeah. 

As: Very good answer. 

Simon: Can you win this show? 

Jade: Yes. 

Simon: Great, good luck. 




The Judges deliberate…




Welcome back to Britain’s Got Talent where the auditions are back in Blackpool and the seaside town are still hoping to wow the judges with an array of talents.



Ryan, 19 years old, singer songwriter, Blackpool


Ryan: Hi, how are you?

Simon: I’m good thank you, how are you? 

Ryan: Not too bad.

Simon: Good, now tell me something about you, so let’s start with your name.

Ryan: I’m, my name is Ryan I’m19, I’m from Dublin and-

Simon: Okay.

Ryan: - I’m a song writer. 

Simon: So Ryan, is this something you do full time? 

Ryan: No I’m actually in college at the moment studying it so it’s something

want to do full time.

Simon: Okay and we’re going to hear one of your own songs today?

Ryan: Yeah I’m playing my own song yeah.

Simon: What’s it called? 

Ryan: It’s called no name. 

Simon: And what’s the inspiration behind this song?

Ryan : It’s about a friend of mine that I’ve liked for a few years now so.

Simon: So it, it was like a love letter.

Ryan: Close to it yeah.

Simon: And has she responded to this?

Ryan: She hasn’t heard it yet so.

David:  What’s her name?  Her full name.  

Simon: You’re kind of in this now with both feet so you might as well reveal. 

Ryan: Her name, her name is, no I can’t.  I can’t, I can’t do it, I can’t do it.  It

won’t come out, it won’t come out.

Simon: Give me the first letter.

Ant: Don’t, you don’t have to.  Don’t do it. 

Ryan: No, I really can’t say.

Simon: Alright Ryan, well look best of luck and I hope this works.

Ryan: Thanks very much. 



The Judges deliberate



-       ENDS  -


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