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Game publishes book detailing the long delay of his 'R.E.D. Album'

Rapper Game is releasing his first book, which will tell the story of his long-delayed and highly anticipated 'R.E.D. Album'. 

Aptly titled 'The Making of Game's R.E.D. Album', the book was co-written by hip-hop journalist Soren Baker and details the record's studio sessions and almost two-year hold up. Game released an official statement on this new project, which read:

"I wanted to give my fans a behind-the-scenes look of how my new album came to be. These are my stories in my own words. This book is the only place where you'll learn all the stories behind the music -- how I got the beats, what inspired the lyrics and how the album was put together."

The book is now digitally available and a paperback version will follow. Watch him talk about his new record in a recent interview below: