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The Kooks on new album: 'We approached it like a rapper would rather than a band'

'She Moves In Her Own Way' hitmakers The Kooks have revealed that their brand new forthcoming album will sound different to previous albums because the production has been approached in a new way. 

Frontman Luke Pritchard told Digital Spy that while it's not a hip-hop album, it has that genre's sound because of the producer they chose to work with:

"I mean, it's not a hip-hop album. We worked with a hip-hop producer, Inflo, so people can expect the productions a bit crunchier and a bit deeper. The approach to the record was more like what a rapper would approach their album like rather than a band, but the actual sound of it is like a band."

He went onto add that writing with producer Inflo was a strange experience and he couldn't liken it to anything because it was such a new way to work in:

"It was quite hard to do to begin with, it was very weird. I started writing with him on my own and to put your defences down when you're in such an insular kind of bubble with the band and saying, 'OK, I'm going to let somebody else get involved with it' was hard, but it was the best thing ever." 

"It made me look at writing in a very different way. When I'd be singing I was acting like a rapper because I'd be scribbling down my lyrics and then going and doing a vocal and going, 'Oh I'm not sure about that line'. So rather than how I'd write before when I'd pen all my lyrics and have it all ready and done, it was kind of fun."

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Watch the group's music video for 'Forgive & Forget' below: