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Former Kooks bassist angry over drug problem rumours

Max Rafferty, former bassist for The Kooks, has spoken out about his reasons for leaving the band and admitted he was disheartened by the speculation that suggested he had a drug problem. 

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, the musician explained that he was simply disappointed by the group's second album 'Konk' and the creative differences drove a wedge between the members:

"I didn’t think Konk was very good, and I said that. I was unhappy with the whole situation, but it was made to sound like I had a massive drug problem. That wasn’t what was going on at all. That story was a complete load of arse. I only joined the band because they were looking for a bassist.”

He also opened up about how former band mates publicly dealt with his departure and added, "people will use any excuse when it comes down to it. They’ll say whatever’s necessary when there are problems, rather than deal with the real issue.” 

Rafferty will release his debut solo single, 'Lonely Town', on November 24 and you can listen to it below: