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The Vamps' James: 'Housekeeping walked in on me when I was naked'

Heartthrob James McVey, of The Vamps fame, has revealed that he had an awkward run in with his hotel's housekeeping staff earlier today (February 13). 

Writing on his official Twitter page this evening, the rising star explained that he wasn't wearing clothes when the staff decided to knock on his room's door to tidy up: "House keeping, house keeping... House keeping. Artists and band members will also hate these words."

Josh Cuthbert from Union J then publicly wrote to him and joked that he was familiar with the situation:

"Ohhhhhhhh yes they have walked in when I've not been at my finest #ShowerCap."

McVey then added: "I was naked @JoshUJWorld."

The Vamps are due to release their debut album in the spring and member Brad Simpson told the press that he's spent a lot of time writing the songs for it with McVey: "Our album's coming out in mid April - we're 99% sure. Me and James have been writing this for about two and a half years. That's why we really connected, because we're such keen songwriters, and we're kept that going."




Watch The Vamps' session for SB:TV here: