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The Vamps talk to Pressparty about songwriting, Taylor Swift, and hopes for their headlining tour

Earlier this afternoon (April 9), Pressparty called up The Vamps' Connor Ball for a chat about the lads' forthcoming debut album, supporting country-pop superstar Taylor Swift, and preparing for their own headlining tour later this year. 

Speaking exclusively to us, Ball revealed that there's usually one theme in particular that they write about when working on music together. He also explained that they've started thinking about how to structure their own live set for their autumn headlining tour of the UK.

On April 14, you'll release your debut album, 'Meet The Vamps'. How are you feeling about unveiling your first ever studio record together?

"Really scared! We don’t know how it’s going to feel or if people will like it, it’s really exciting – we don’t know how it’s going to do. It’s really exciting but at the same time we’re scared – we just hope people enjoy the songs."

How involved were you all with the songwriting? We know you worked with McFly and Savan Kotecha for a couple of cuts, but did you all sit down and contribute ideas, themes or lyrics?

"So, there were two songs that we wanted to do 100% completely ourselves and then a lot of the others we go in with a producer and co-write… we sit down with someone and we just flow ideas between us. We love writing so it’s all there! We tend to write about girls... in general! It’s a theme that runs throughout the album, I guess!

‘High Hopes’ we wrote with McFly. It was done in one day. Just jamming at Tom’s house, yeah… just one day!

(Worked on a song with Savan Kotecha, called ‘Somebody To You’) He’s awesome. You go in and he comes up with these ideas and you’re like, ‘what the hell… how the hell did you did you come up with that?!’ He’s so talented. It was lovely as well, because it was in LA. We were all feeling good vibes!"

Earlier this year, you supported Taylor Swift during her brief O2 Arena residency in London. What was it like to play alongside a global superstar and did you learn anything from watching or spending time with her?

"That was amazing. She’s so nice, her family’s so nice. We got treated so well considering we were a support slot, and the crowd was ridiculous. Taylor’s show is amazing, isn’t it? It’s huge. It’s ridiculous. We chilled out with her and we just talked, it was nice. She’s so down to earth it’s crazy. You wouldn’t expect that from such a massive superstar, but she genuinely is. Yes, we did (meet Taylor’s cat, Meredith)! The cat is lovely (laughs). We took inspiration from her live performance more than anything… she was never out of breath although she was running everywhere."

Are you perhaps tempted to use some of that inspiration from watching her live shows for your own upcoming headlining tour? 

"We’d like to take different aspects of different people’s tours and put our own stamp on it, we’ll take ideas from a few things, I guess. We’re thinking about it through this year. We have two weeks of rehearsals before the tour, so we’ll see what happens. We’ve got a few ideas so far! Really looking forward to putting these plans into actions! It’ll be good!"

At the moment, there's a real wealth of all-male groups and not just boybands. You've got Lawson, 5 Seconds Of Summer, McBusted, McFly, and One Direction, for example. Is there any pressure to make yourselves stand out, musically?

"I don’t think we want to make ourselves sound different because we like everyone else, but we want to have our own sound because hopefully people will recognise it. We don’t try to do anything different, we’re just doing what we want to do."

Watch The Vamps having a chat on their tour bus below: