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The Vamps: 'Us and 5 Seconds Of Summer are bringing guitar music back to the charts'

'Last Night' heartthrob Tristan Evans, of The Vamps fame, has opened up about the fact that the members of his group all play their own instruments and admitted that it's great to see guitar music making a return to the Top 40. 

When praised by Chronicle Live for not just using instruments as 'props' and for actually being talented musicians, Evans explained that it was 'important' for them to bring their talent to their group even on the more pop-based songs:

"Yeah, it was super-important for us for us to be involved in the whole process with this album, from playing the instruments to writing the songs. We’ve basically created 'Meet The Vamps' in our attics and bedrooms and garages and taken it to the studio, and we’ve had a lot of freedom to do what we want."

"We’ve all been playing instruments for over ten years so it was only natural for us to continue that into The Vamps. Perhaps, among boy bands, that makes us stand out. Us, 5 Seconds Of Summer and The 1975 are really bringing guitar music back into the charts."

Evans also spoke about The Vamps' forthcoming headlining tour, adding that it's a dream come true: "That’ll be another pinch-yourself moment. A headline tour in September... wow, I can’t believe it in a way. It’s crazy. It’s something you dream about and it’ll be a great way for us to connect even more with our fans."

"It’ll be weird to think everyone is there to see us, but great too. As I say, we’re trying to keep grounded and focusing on the right things - like making more music for people to hear."

Watch a recent interview with the boys here: