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The Vamps' James McVey talks weight issues and fitness 'addiction'

Musician James McVey from British pop-rock band The Vamps has opened up about the weight struggles that made his younger years tough in a new interview with Cliché magazine. 

Speaking to the publication, he explained that he was bullied at school because of his appearance and it was hard to deal with:

"I struggled from being overweight between age 8 up to until 13. I was teased throughout school for it, and always found it difficult playing football on the weekends. I was lucky because when I started growing upwards, I evened out and my weight wasn't as much of an issue."

McVey went onto add that he eventually turned to fitness and has never looked back, but considers his obsession with the gym and healthy eating to be something of an addiction:

"However, it was only when I decided to really pull my thumb out and get into healthy eating and the gym that I eventually started to feel better about my body. I'm not saying that there's anything bad about not caring whether you have a six-pack or not, but for me, fitness became something of an addiction - an addiction I still have today."

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