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The Vamps gearing up for their April/May 2017 tour

The Vamps are due to head out on tour next month, so we thought we'd revist the time we sat down for an interview with bass player Connor Ball to find out what fans can expect from their highly anticipated run of dates.  

Are you excited to tour? Yeah, literally, we can't wait. Most of 2017 we'll be on the road, pretty much. It'll be awesome. We'll be going back to places like Australia and the Philippines - it's going to be great! 

Have you got any exciting plans for the stage set-up? We have got some ideas... we've been to a few shows and have taken inspiration from other people's stuff and then we've got our own ideas as well. We haven't gone into rehearsals yet, we usually do that a few weeks before the tour so it's fresh, but we have ideas for the stage set! 

How much control do you have over creative decisions like that? It's pretty much all us! We have the ideas and Tris goes away and does all the transitions and the musical side of it, then we go into rehearsals and bring it together. It's a long process, but it gets done! We'll be on the road for probably the best part of six or seven months. It's great. It's exhausting, but it's the best part of it.   

Do you have any favourite places to tour in the UK? In England... hmm. I think Birmingham’s always really nice because me and Brad are from there, so it’s nice to do a home show. We do – it’s full of friends and family, and friends of friends! 

The Vamps are set to kick off their tour on April 28 in Sheffield and will visit Glasgow, Newcastle, London, Manchester, Dublin, Liverpool, Belfast, Cardiff, Nottingham and Birmingham on the jaunt.

Tickets are on sale now and the lads will then head to mainland Europe, north America, south America, Asia, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. 

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