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New interview with The Vamps about touring and their new album

The Vamps appeared on Good Morning Britian earlier today (July 21) to chat about their new album, touring and fans.

The British boyband, which consists of Brad SimpsonJames McVeyConnor Ball and Tristan Evans, have just finished touring with Little Mix, and may be about to bag their first No. 1 album in the UK Album Charts this week with their LP 'Night & Day'.

Explaining why they decided to release the album in two parts, they said: 

"Before we've released each album, we've written a massive batch of songs so we've had like 40/50 songs and we did the same for this album but we want a lot of the songs that we love fall by the waste side so to say so we did it in two parts."

The lads also chatted about touring and what they find the hardest about it, never getting to spend more than 24 hours in one country, unless it's their home country in the UK. They admitted:

"We're away from family and home comforts and getting into a routine that's the same every day. Each country is different so we're like aliens.

"We're never in a country for more than 24 hours because we're always moving - unless we're in the UK but routine for me is quite hard."

Despite spending all their time together when they're on the road, the quartet say that they never have any rows because they know how to give each other space. They explained:

"We're very lucky and we're so lucky that we're best friends. We actually get on and that's great for longevity of The Vamps.

They also said: "It's good to see a sold-out arena crowd. We were 17 when we sold out our first arena tour and we thought that was normal. I think as you grow older, you appreciate it more... we're all very passionate about music and we got into music because we love it and so to connect with so many people on that level and a personal level... it's a very humbling feeling." 

Watch this morning's interview on Good Morning Britain, below: 

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