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Saturday, September 3, 2016 6:12am ET by  
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X Factor gay couple dubbed "double trouble" by Sharon Osbourne

Gay friends and former lovers, Ottavio Columbro and Bradley Hunt, have been dubbed "double trouble" on tonight's show by Sharon Osbourne.

The pop duo are called Cosmic Riot and changed their first names for copyright reasons.

Simon Cowell hates them but Louis Walsh, who championed Jedward, stated:

"Pop music shouldn't be boring. People are going to like you."

The couple split up before their audition over a row about undercooked chicken but during the audition, Columbro breaks down in tears and says:

"I still miss Bradley."

Hunt continues the audition without Columbro but then can't continue as he is overrcome by emotion and sobs:

"I miss Ottavio, I suppose."

Cowell suggests they go off stage, kiss and make up and return when they are ready which they do and sing a version of The Pussycat  Dolls' 'Buttons'.    

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