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Sunday, September 25, 2016 11:04am ET by  

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X Factor's Ottavio refused Uber ride due to his sexuality

X Factor's flamboyant contestant, Ottavio Columbro, was refused a ride in an Uber car after last night's show (September 24) due to being gay.

After appearing on the live show, Columbro booked an Uber minicab and tweeted:

"@UberUK why was your driver allowed to refuse my journey yesterday because of my sexuality & how I dress? Deeply upset & embarrassed.

"He looked me up and down when I approached and identified myself, muttered under his breath and drove off.

"I'm equal to every other customer @UberUK"

A spokesperson for Ottavio told The Sun: "Ottavio is deeply upset by this unprovoked incident.

"We are investigating this currently and have no further comment to make at this time."

Ottavio Columbro and Bradley Hunt's X Factor audition earlier this month was memorable as they split their emotions publicly when they spoke about how they broke up over undercooked chicken. 

Louis Walsh said: "Pop music shouldn't be boring. People are going to like  you."

Recently, the UK's original flamboyant popstar, Boy George, spoke about how dressing up thirty years ago would mean you would risk homophobia. Speaking at the media Q&A for Marilyn's latest single, 'Love or Money', he said: 

"You were always running the gauntlet. Particularly in the '70's because you had that fabulous tribal stuff with the mods, skinheads and rockers. There was always someone to punch you. It was quite brave."

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Watch Ottavio and Bradley on X Factor and Lorraine below:


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